Dermatest – Taking your success personally

Taking your success personally – it’s a slogan we take seriously. Meeting the needs of our customers takes more than just the dermatology, biology and food chemistry ex-pertise that Dermatest GmbH boasts in abundance.

We don’t just want to perform excellent work – we want our work to deliver measur-able results for ourselves and our customers. We want our test results to generate added value for our customers and, by being easily understood and traceable, to of-fer maximum transparency. This objective is instilled into our company culture, and we take it highly personally in all our dealings with our customers. In terms of quality, therefore, the most important yardstick for us is that every customer should be satis-fied with our services. This goal determines how we develop and grow as a successful company. Consequently, our quality policy is at the heart of our corporate govern-ance. Every staff member has to be familiar with these quality principles and act ac-cordingly.

Only through flawless collaboration between highly qualified, quality-oriented staff throughout the company, who enjoy a high level of job satisfaction, can we guarantee the highest quality and the success of our corporate policy. Finely-honed processes provide space for a quality mindset and time for continuous improvement and maxi-mum efficacy. To achieve and continuously improve our quality, Dermatest relies on customer feedback. Changes and improvements are discussed with and implemented by all relevant staff. In addition, our staff are constantly encouraged to work to im-prove quality by an established complaints and improvement management system and targeted training and education opportunities.

The success of our work is highly dependent on our test subjects and their satisfac-tion. Personal contact with and intensive support for our test subjects plays a key role in achieving this.

Dermatest GmbH has a wide range of customers from the broader cosmetics sector. They are manufacturers and distributors primarily of cosmetics, but also of consumer goods and food supplements. As none of our customers represent more than 7.5% of our annual sales we are truly independent, since losing a customer would in no way threaten Dermatest’s ability to continue in business. All decisions and activities made at Dermatest GmbH are made in accordance with the principles of independence and impartiality.

At Dermatest GmbH, we aspire to deliver work which is of the highest quality and precision. And that’s something we want to let the world know about.
Consequently, both in B2B and B2C communications with our customers, it is our goal to ensure that our corporate values are unmistakably recognisable, not just in our lo-cal area, but throughout Germany and Europe.

There should be good awareness of our company and the range of services we offer in relevant sectors (cosmetics, safety products, cleaning, consumer goods, etc.). In addition, terms such as dermatological skin tests, skin protection and safety assess-ments should make people think directly of our company. And not just within the cosmetics industry, but end users of these products too.

Consequently, we are embarking on a long-term campaign to raise awareness of Dermatest GmbH as a leading, independent test institute, both among customers in the cosmetics industry and among end consumers and potential test subjects.

Our activities are based on conformity to scientific criteria and adherence to relevant legislation. Since 2009, Dermatest’s quality management system has been certified to the international DIN EN ISO 9001 standard and audited by TÜV Rheinland.

We want to continue to place cosmetics testing on a firm, broad-based scientific foun-dation and continuously improve. Since 2017, our patch testing has been accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (the German national accreditation body) to DIN EN ISO 17025.

Our goal is to research, develop and improve our methods and scientific processes, and to expand our range of technical equipment and our portfolio. We therefore at-tach great importance to participation in international and domestic research and grant-supported projects. We have already successfully completed various EU FP7 projects, with more in the execution or planning phases. New methods are developed and performed using an experimental approach in partnership with our customers.

As well as product testing, we strive to offer our customers expert advice on all der-matology, biology and food technology related issues. We endeavour to answer any questions which may arise as rapidly as possible, whether they’re about how we carry out your jobs or safety-related issues.

Statements on environmental protection are incorporated on a case-by-case basis.


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