We conduct every test assignment on an individual basis and we propose the test model that in our opinion is the best solution for the case at hand, based on our experience and knowledge. The price factor does not affect our decision-making; what we value is a long and fruitful cooperation with our customers. 
In 1978, Dermatest was established as the first dermatological test laboratory, and since then it has amassed considerable experience in testing and examining thousands of cosmetics products. It is this broad experience and knowledge of current findings from research that enable us to offer our customers the best procedures for their needs at all times. 

Customised solutions to comply with your requirements
It is the concentrated collaboration between biologists, food chemists and dermatologists that has created our unique synergy. We have developed a number of special test models, such as the mascara volume test, and we were the first to adopt the technique of laser profilometry in the field of skin research, something we did a considerable time ago. We are equipped with a wide range of instruments to allow us to perform all kinds of testing in the field of cosmetic research. This includes photography, profilometry, human skin models, determination of SPF values, skin wash models, and the preparation of histological sections. In the field of histology, we work whenever necessary in cooperation with the University Clinic of Münster, and we also collaborate with ophthalmologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians and dentists. 
Our customers‘ needs are well catered for in this network, and their gratitude is reflected in our many years of cooperation.


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