When we originally founded the Dermatest® company in 1978, we were following a vision: to research and evaluate cosmetic products by applying dermatological and scientific methods, with the aim of rendering them safer in use and more measurable and readily comparable in their efficacy. And even today, we still feel committed to our original goal. Back in 1978, this made us the first dermatological laboratory on the market. 
Our goals were not only restricted to performing scientifically qualified and dermatologically validated testing, but we also wanted to enhance the benefits available to our customers. 

We have meanwhile successfully adapted many methods from basic research for use in cosmetic testing. These include the human three-dimensional skin model, which is used to determine the various interleukins, a range of inflammation parameters, and UV damage. It was also during this period that we independently developed numerous test designs to suit the various purposes. Today we are able to test and evaluate all the various products by means of precisely configured investigation methods, such as those for mascara, creams for sensitive skin, care products for children, hair growth agents, nappies, etc. It is quite obvious that this urgently requires the dermatological and biological knowledge and expertise of our scientists. The scientific competence of our academic personnel, dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food chemists represents a unique selling point for all of our test institutes. We have preserved our independence and refuse to be impressed by manufacturers‘ names, but only take notice of the products themselves. Added to this is our extensive experience that we have gained through the thousands of tests that we have conducted since 1978. 

The judgements and quality seals awarded by us are the result of independent scientific investigation. The variety of quality seals we award are a reflection of the different levels of detail covered by our tests. 
To ensure that we are able to continue meeting these requirements in the future, our exceptionally high-performance team of experienced dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food chemists are in constant contact with universities, institutes, and other research facilities. 
Our TÜV-certified quality management system guarantees the ongoing training of our study nurses in accordance with the GCP.
This allows us to incorporate the latest developments in the fields of both science and cosmetics in our activities for the benefit of our customers.
For more than ten years, we have been involved in international studies conducted under the auspices of the EU as well as in national research projects. Our partners include universities in Heidelberg, Münster, Paris, Jerusalem, Pisa and Istanbul as well as organisations in Germany, such as one of the Fraunhofer Institutes. We publish articles in international journals as a matter of course.

Our regular customers in the cosmetics industry both at home and abroad appreciate us for our organically amassed dermatological expertise and our reliability. We conduct dermatological studies quickly, individually and with scientific objectivity, and fulfil day-in, day-out the demanding requirements placed on us by our customers. Expert opinions, certifications and our original DERMATEST® quality seal not only give our clients security but also create trust.

It is with a great wealth and experience coupled with all the latest knowledge that we support our clients in our role as specialist partners and advisers for all matters in the fields of dermatology and cosmetics.


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