We believe that due to its great complexity, skin research must be accompanied by scientists of different disciplines. It is for this reason that we have taken an active role in supporting basic EU/international research projects (SkinTreat, Superflex etc.). We collaborate with researchers at universities in Paris, Bilbao, Istanbul, Pisa and Jerusalem as well as with companies operating in the field of skin care. The networks that have evolved over a period of years have resulted in very fruitful cooperations that have addressed many elements of skin research (trace elements, copper, nanoparticles, silver, etc.). 

For us, it is of decisive importance to be able to address any questions concerning new product testing from the point of view of the various scientific fields: medicine, biology, and food chemistry. We also conduct joint projects on a national level, for instance with the Fraunhofer Society. 

Without this international cooperation and our many years of experience with Dermatest (which was founded back in 1978), there are several areas covered by Dermatest’s activities that we would not have been able to develop, e.g. the three-dimensional skin models used in interleukin research, etc.

We publicise our activities in many important locations (IFSCC, SCC conferences, and BDIH and ICADA congresses), by means of presentations and posters, and publish many articles in national and international journals. This is something we regard as an integral procedure in our work.


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