Measuring techniques

Measuring techniques for tests and examinations conducted under dermatological control.

The goal of these tests is to thoroughly check the tolerance of a formulation based on clinical-dermatological criteria.

Before commencing an application trial, all candidates are given a dermatological examination. They can also consult the dermatologist in charge of the study at any time. Only those individuals who show no signs of pathological skin changes on the test site are admitted to the trial group. Every volunteer then proceeds to employ the formulation concerned according to the instructions for use.

The trial product may only be used in the designated area; it may be necessary for the dermatologist in charge of the trial to check the condition of the skin on a daily basis. At the end of the trial period, the volunteers undergo another dermatological examination. The effectiveness of the formulation is assessed with regard to reproducibility by means of the appropriate measuring procedures.

Subsequent patch tests may be performed to rule out the possibility of the volunteer becoming sensitised. Conducted at the end of a trial, patch tests of this kind not only provide evidence of any irritation of the skin but also give an indication of the sensitisation potential of the formulation in use.


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