Air pollution

Premature skin ageing caused by excessive and permanent fi ne dust pollution has been demonstrated by numerous studies in recent years. Fine dust pollution of the skin (air pollution) is one of the topics currently engaging the attention of the cosmetic industry most strongly. The existing methods of analysis for demonstrating the effectiveness of anti-pollution products, however, are indirect in nature, diffi cult to grasp and in some cases even ethically questionable.

To close this gap, Dermatest GmbH is with immediate effect offering a direct and validated detection method to investigate the effi cacy of cosmetic products against fi ne dust pollution. It is thus the fi rst method worldwide which is scientifi cally substantiated and can clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of anti pollution products in this way.

Both protection against pollution of the skin with fi ne dust and cleansing of the skin contaminated with fi ne dust particles can be analysed and quantifi ed. Visualisation of the fi ne dust particles is done by electron microscope (see images). The electron microscopic analysis is performed by a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 certifi ed expert.

Dermatest GmbH is the fi rst institute to use exclusively approved, certifi ed and safe fi ne test dusts (DIN EN 60068-2-68 & ISO 12103-1) which can be reproducibly applied to all skin surfaces (including the face and hair). This method also provides a close-to-reality simulation of environmental pollution.


air pollution1
Electron microscopic images of a skin area without (A) and with fine
dust pollution (B and C), with coloured particles for better visualisation

air pollution2
Electron microscopic images of an untreated hair (A), with fine dust pollution (B) and
coloured particles for better visualisation (C) and after single washing (D) with a product


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