3-D documentation of skin roughness

The 3-D documentation and evaluation of the surface of the human skin is of particular importance – for medical reasons and with regard to cosmetic aspects. The precise analysis of the topography of the epidermis is an indispensable tool in terms of exact diagnostics, therapeutic decisions and the assessment of the progress achieved through medical or cosmetic treatment.

The 3-D documentation of the profile of the skin’s surface involves the preparation of skin prints (replicas) or is based on the direct in vivo measurement method.

The PRIMOS 3-D skin assessment device uses the digital fringe-projection system as an optical measuring technique. With this measuring method, a set of parallel lines (the fringe pattern) is projected on to the surface of the skin and mapped on to the CCD chip of a camera.

The 3-D measuring effect is achieved by the projected parallel lines being slightly deflected by any subtle unevenness in the epidermis, and this deflection constitutes a qualitative and quantitative measurement of the skin profile. This is captured by the CCD camera, digitalised and forwarded to the measuring and evaluating computer for quantitative analysis.


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