FaceScan 3D

The FaceScan 3D allows the fast three dimensional measurement of face and body structures, including the recording of the real skin texture. With this contactless measurement system, which bases on digital stripe projection, a very fast and high resolution image acquisition with high reproducibility is reached.
The measurement system for instance is suitable to determine the facial contours or to evaluate different face parameters like quantification of the double chin, sagging cheeks, lips, under eye bags and nasolabial fold. For the body, measurements of single areas and shapes for instance of the breast, feet and upper leg are possible and parameters like the change of angles, volumes or areas could be evaluated and examined.

The figure shows on the left side the reference picture (before) and on the right side the difference picture after 12 weeks of product application. The colour marking within the right image represents the change in comparison to the reference image. Red means a positive change in height, blue a negative and white no change.


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