Mascara Volume Test (MVT)

The Mascara Volume Test (MVT), devised by Dermatest®, is the first system ever to be developed for the purpose of measuring increases in eyelash volume. It employs a measuring system of evaluating volume increases in eyelashes, which is both objective and independent of test persons. It consists of the application of mascara to real-hair eyelashes in accordance with a standardised application procedure, which are subsequently subjected to photo-optical measurement. From the objective data thus obtained, it is possible to calculate the eyelash volume and the amount of mascara applied and to document the optical effect attained.

mvt1Fig. 1: Schematic representation of the photographic measuring procedure
The photographic evaluation first of all determines the visible, two-dimensional area (see arrows) of the eyelashes, before (T0) and after (TX) each application. After wards, the area is multiplied by the average diameter of an eyelash to obtain a value for the volume.

Fig. 2: Test series performed on normal-length eyelashes
The photographic evaluation of the mascara applications T0-6 reveals a significant increase in eyelash volume for each application, culminating in saturation. With each successive application, the eyelashes display an increase in both intensity and volume. Saturation is attained after 5-6 applications; beyond here, the individual eyelash hairs are strongly prone to sticking.

mvt3 de
Fig. 3: Comparison of some evaluated products
The above diagram shows the percentage increase in eyelash volume following each mascara application conducted during the test. The percentage is obtained from (TX-T0)/T0 x 100. Product A showed a steadily increase in volume and reached the highest value. In contrast the products E and F decreased at the beginning. This is the result of a sticking effect of single eyelash hairs already from the very beginning.


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