Ultrasound examination

It really gets under your skin: ultrasound allows painless, in-depth, non-invasive insights.

Ultrasound is an objective method for documenting changes in the structure of the skin. Sonography (using 20 MHz) reliably depicts cutaneous and subcutaneous structures up to a depth of one centimetre. The procedure serves to obtain clear organ-related information (such as the thickness of the skin) along with any attendant variations, tissue structure and any changes that take place (such as with collagen structure) or the presence of fluid.

Since the results are highly reproducible, ultrasound (also known as sonography) is employed for check-ups and monitoring procedures, as well as for simultaneous comparisons with other individuals. The technique calls for an operator with a great deal of experience, however, and achieving the optimum presentation of the various structures is also very time-consuming.


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