The VISIA™ system is used to compare digital images of the face with one another. This not only allows us to collate the properties and the texture of the skin, but also to portray lines, pores, blemishes and irregularities much more clearly – and not just subjectively, as in the past, but objectively. As a result, we are able to draw quantitative conclusions as to the condition of a person’s complexion. The process is based on a camera unit that produces high-quality images. Once the computer has evaluated the images and displayed the results with the aid of the corresponding analytical software, it is possible to make comparisons between several parameters. The apparatus allows us to take images showing the state of the skin under the same conditions, such as the proximity of the camera, lighting, perspective and an identical alignment of the area under examination. These circumstances are ideal for presenting ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.


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