Application Tests

We charge for our work. Not for idle time. Application tests subject to dermatological control.

The goal of these tests is to thoroughly check the compatibility of a formulation based on clinical-dermatological criteria.

Before a clinical trial can commence, and depending on the nature of the study, the candidates are carefully screened and subjected to an initial dermatological examination. Only those individuals who show no signs of pathological changes in the skin are selected for testing. Volunteers taking part in the study are instructed not to use any other similar formulations on the test site.
It may be necessary for the dermatologist in charge of the trial to check the condition of the skin as frequently as once a day. Following the application period, the volunteers undergo another dermatological examination to ascertain whether the trial product has caused any irritation to the skin, for example.

Subsequent patch tests are used to determine whether the volunteer has developed a sensitisation to the product during the application trial.
All participants are given the opportunity to consult our dermatologists at any time during the study should they need any advice.


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