Become a test person at Dermatest®

Being a test person at Dermatest® is more than just a small side job.
Your cooperation with us is interesting, safe, easy and pays off for you.

On this page you can find out more about the Dermatest® Institute and the cosmetics tests you can take part in. From the very beginning, our competent staff is at your disposal.

Who is Dermatest® and what do we do?
Dermatest® GmbH was founded in 1978 by dermatologist Dr. med. Werner Voss and has been the leading research institute for independent dermatological services for national and international cosmetics manufacturers for more than 30 years.
Fast, individual and scientifically objective, we carry out dermatological studies taking into account the needs of our customers.

At Dermatest®, we check whether the statements that cosmetic manufacturers want to use for their products (for example, "moisturizing for the whole day", "reduced wrinkles", etc.) are true because they are subject to government controls.
Our goal is to make statements about the effectiveness of cosmetic products on a scientifically secured basis.

What are cosmetics tests?
Dermatest® field of work includes, in particular, tests and skin-specific clinical tests for products from the cosmetic industry.
Special examinations are carried out in cooperation with specialists for ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology, paediatrics or veterinary medicine.
This improves our scientific statements about the efficacy of the products, (Eg, pediatrician in baby products, dentist in toothpaste).
Also, apparatuses are used which measure the exact nature of the skin and with which differences in the skin before and after the application of a new cosmetic can be determined.

What are the test types?
There are many different tests on which you can participate on. Each of our test series is customized to the product and the research procedure.
These are e.g. Paving test, in which some preparations are glued to your back with a particularly skin-friendly patch and left there for 24 hours. After these 24 hours, the patches are removed and your back is then examined for possible redness. Many other tests are performed before and after the application period (often 4 weeks). These studies are not only quick, but also - as a matter of course - always pain-free: in no case they are unpleasant examinations.

We have one thing in mind for all the investigations we carry out for companies from all over the world: the safety of our test persons.

All the products that are used at Dermatest for human testing are primarily safe, that implies, they contain only ingredients which are approved for the cosmetics used in the EU cosmetics regulation.
This is assured because there are already very long experience values with the single substances, or because the contents have been investigated in detailed in-vitro tests (cell tests and laboratory tests).
We always check the conformity of each individual ingredient before we put it into the test.
In addition, the tests are supervised by our numerous scientists, who have been trained for this purpose in their studies.
After all, every test carried out by us is accompanied by skin doctors and biologists, who have also undergone extensive further training in the field of cosmetic testing (GCP) in addition to their studies.
All our Study Nurses, as the staff who carry out the measurements and accompany you through the test, are dermatologically trained.
In other words, they are always in a position to provide you with professional support.
So you have direct contact with our dermatologists, the research management and our assistants at all times.

If skin changes are present or occur during the test, you will be examined and advised by a dermatologist. If, in rare cases, this happens, skin changes are visible to you because you have developed an intolerance in particular, you will, of course, be treated at our expense. Just to give you figures: In 2014, we had only one treatment case in over 10,000 subjects, where a short treatment with a light cortisone preparation was necessary.

Of course, before you are included in a study, you will be informed exactly how the test will run and how much time you have to spend on it.
You will receive a fee as a test person at Dermatest.
Professional participation pays for you: For us, subjects who give extensive feedback on the products are very important.
Finally, we at Dermatest not only can demonstrate what a cosmetic product "can", but also whether it may lead to incompatibilities (redness, burning, tingling) on the skin.


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